The #1 Program to Fast-Track Executives Back into the Workforce

For executives (Director, VP, C-Level) who are in transition due to layoffs, mergers, restructures, COVID, etc., and executives who wish to make a lateral career change.



Get clear on what is driving and motivating you for this next phase of your career


Replace self-limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs to fuel your path to success


Cultivate your personal brand message and image to magnetically attract new opportunities


Utilize the Link™️ Method on LinkedIn to expand your network, develop pertinent contacts and create interview opportunities for yourself


Transform networking events from a waste of time into connections that convert


Win the interview by getting hiring managers to see you as the only choice for the job


Negotiate with power and confidence to maximize your total compensation package


Stand out in a crowded and competitive marketplace with a “done for you” resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile by the #1, multi award-winning resume writing service for executives



Do you feel like the search might never end while at the same time your savings are dwindling more and more each month?

Does your heart sink every time your friends and family ask you how the job search is going?

Do you feel terrible about the impact your job loss has caused for your partner and/or family?

Do you feel like the lack of results with your job search efforts fly in the face of the endless hours of  work that you’ve put into finding a job?

Do you feel frustrated because you’ve hired a coach or two to help you get out of this mess, and yet months down the road you are still at square one with either little or no interviews, or you are still unable to win the interview?

Below is an overview of some of the key topics covered in The Hired Executive


week 1: Clarity

Get clear on what’s driving and motivating you for this next phase of your career. Get into alignment so that your actions produce your desired results.

Create a career that leaves you feeling excited, motivated and energized.

week 2: Mindset

Eliminate self-limiting beliefs and rewire your thoughts for success.

Develop a daily mindset practice to maintain an optimistic attitude throughout the job search process and beyond.

Learn skills to overcome negative self-talk and self-sabotage.


week 3: Personal Branding

Why having a personal brand matters and how to create one. Cultivate your brand message to create new opportunities.

Share your brand story in a way that keeps you top of mind.

week 4: LinkedIn

Transform your LinkedIn profile to attract executive recruiters. Unlock top LinkedIn strategies for finding exciting job leads.

Learn the LINK method to leverage pertinent contacts for introductions and interviews.

week 5: Networking

Transform networking events from a waste of time into connections that convert. Thrive at networking events even if you’re an introvert.

Drop the idea of networking as sales and embrace the art of exploratory conversation.

week 6: Winning the Interview

Walk into your interviews feeling calm, confident and self-assured. Learn strategies to set you apart from the competition.

Get hiring managers to see you as the best choice for the job.

week 7: Salary Negotiations

Learn negotiation strategies to get the salary you deserve.

Add more value to your total compensation package by maximizing the negotiations of your benefits.

Negotiate with power and confidence.


Done for You: Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile

Custom resume created for you by the #1, multi-award winning resume writing service.

Customized (and editable) cover letter.

Branded, keyword-rich and SEO-optimized LinkedIn profile.

This program is delivered in an 8 week, online, one-on-one format.

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After 25 years in the military, my biggest challenges were focus, direction, finding out where my talents fit, and discovering where I now wanted to be in the civilian workforce. That was really tough for me. The Hired Executive allowed me to get that thumbnail understanding of where my mindset was at, what my desires were, how my personality impacted my future success… and how that all fit in with this next phase of my career. It was something I really didn’t think about. Before working with The Hired Executive, I tried working with mentors as well as peers who had transitioned their military service ahead of me. However, The Hired Executive was night and day different. Everything I received from The Hired Executive was very personalized, tailored, customized…and gave me tangible feedback to work on and take forward. Having to calendar time with focus towards a specific goal was also really helpful as opposed to the nebulous “I need to prepare for transition” state I was in previously. By comparison, most everything I received from the military was very shotgun blast general. For the most part it was also aimed at people at a level very different from myself. The results speak for themselves. I had multiple interviews with multiple job offers. I landed the job I wanted two days after I started on terminal leave, working with the city I wanted, with great people and great compensation. If you want an experience that is tailored specifically for you, is actionable, and will provide you with great outcomes, then invest in The Hired Executive. They’re a great team that can help you achieve fantastic outcomes through what can be an intimidating process.

Brian W.

Fiber Optic and Telecommunications Enterprise Manager, Colorado Springs Utility, 25-year veteran, former Garrison Commander | Colonel, Fort Carson

I received stellar support from The Hired Executive. Within weeks of commencing the program I had clarity and focus, my actions became aligned with my purpose in terms of how I intentionally advanced my job search, and I started to get traction with my A-list target companies. I exuded confidence in my interviews and was thoroughly prepared when it came to salary negotiations. I received offers from both General Motors and Accenture. I opted for the consulting path and accepted my position less than 12 weeks after starting with The Hired Executive. I’m thrilled about this next phase of my career.

Krushi P.

Consultant, Accenture (top 10 consultancy)

I have been working at one of the top music industry labels for the past 10 years. I recently set a goal to advance my career, from Director to VP. Craig is a master networker who is gifted at teaching ninja networking skills. Within months of working with Craig I built the ideal connections, nailed my interview, and have been offered a VP level position with the country’s hottest music label. 

Zach D.

Music Industry Senior Executive

When I found The Hired Executive, I had already spent several months trying to navigate the transition from being a senior officer in the US Navy for 25 years, to applying my skills and expertise in the civilian world. I felt frustrated and at times struggled with how to network effectively, especially as an introvert. However, once I joined The Hired Executive, I immediately became clear on the type of role that would make the best use of my strengths and interests. I also developed a stronger sense of direction and an actual job search process. As I worked with the team of coaches, I was able to build my confidence even more, develop a strategic networking plan, and make much more effective use of my time spent job searching. I am thrilled that I was able to land and negotiate a six-figure dream job just 8 weeks after starting the program! I have no doubt that my success was directly attributable to the guidance I received from The Hired Executive. I cannot thank the entire team enough for all the world-class coaching, support and encouragement.

Jeff S.

Program Director, National Defense contracting company serving the U.S Navy and Naval Information Warfare Systems Command (formerly SPAWAR)

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