Meet our Team of
Executive Coaches

Our clients bring a high level of expertise to their respective roles in finance, operations, marketing, HR, leading a company as CEO, etc. Although our clients are highly accomplished in their respective roles, they are typically not experts at the job search process.

The Hired Executive is intentionally designed to ensure that within a condensed period of time, our clients become masters of the eight core areas of the job search process. We bring you a team of elite coaches who are each experts in their respective area. Together, our team empowers you to showcase your talents and skillsets so you can land your next great opportunity.

An analogy we like to use is that of a Rolex watch. The inside of the watch contains roughly 130 individual pieces. Each is machined to perfection. And they all work in unison. If even one part falters, the entire watch stops. Looking for a job is similar in that there are eight critical areas that need to be mastered, and they need to fire on all cylinders. A weak link in any of the eight critical areas can make or break the job search process.

Most programs have either a single coach, or perhaps a couple of coaches, who deliver all of the coaching. However, to obtain the desired result at the executive level, we believe our clients should be served by specialists in their respective fields, as opposed to a generalist.

We are therefore proud to introduce you to The Hired Executive team of coaches and we look forward to helping you land your next great opportunity.  

Craig Stein

Networking and Personal Branding Coach

Craig is the Founder of the Hired Executive. With an MBA in marketing and strategy, he spent 10 years helping to run an award-winning marketing agency. He has worked with industry leading brands including Mercedes Benz, Moët & Chandon, Captain Morgan’s, Smirnoff, Amtrak, Greyhound, Cinemark Theaters, Walgreens, Walmart, and Montreal’s Bell Centre. He applies his expertise in branding to help our clients tell their personal brand story in a compelling and impactful way. He has also taught business communication and business networking skills at the university level. Craig is proud to have put his networking skills to use by assembling a world class team of coaches who have been helping our clients achieve amazing results. Craig is the author of the upcoming book, How to Get Anyone to Talk to You.

Melonie Dodaro

LinkedIn Coach

Melonie is recognized as the world’s leading expert on LinkedIn. She is the #1 best-selling author of LinkedIn Unlocked, has worked extensively with Fortune 500 as well as small progressive companies, and has won numerous awards including:

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Top 50 Sales Influencers
Top 50 Social Selling Influencers
Top 65 Women Business Influencers
Top 100 Marketing Influencers
Top 100 Digital Marketing Experts

Erin Kennedy

Oversees the creation of the Done for You service which includes: Resume/Cover Letter/LinkedIn Profile

Erin is a Certified Executive Resume Writer and Career Consultant. In her nearly 20 years of experience, she has contributed to 16 best-selling career books. Considered an influencer, she is consistently listed as a “Top Career Expert to Follow” on Twitter and LinkedIn. Erin has achieved the coveted “Certified Master Resume Writer” distinction and is one of only a few professionals worldwide to have done so. She has also won the prestigious “Best Executive Resume” award, a Toast of the Resume Industry (T.O.R.I.) designation, awarded each year out of hundreds of writers and thousands of resumes. Erin and her team have consistently been voted “Top Executive Resume Service” by several online review companies.

Mariel Diaz

Clarity and Mindset Coach

Mariel is a mindset coach, psychotherapist and lawyer. She uses her diverse background and training to help our clients feel empowered and get crystal clear on what will create personal and professional satisfaction for this next phase of their careers. Mariel has refined her process over 20 years and more than 20,000 sessions, enabling her to shift our clients into a state of mental and emotional peak performance during the job search process. Mariel has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the San Diego Union Tribune and interviewed on ABC.

Jeff Sipe

Winning the Interview Coach

Jeff is a highly in demand interview coach who has helped more than 1,000 executives land dream jobs. Jeff is familiar with both sides of the interview table, having worked in HR for 5 years at Google headquarters in Silicon Valley. Jeff’s clients have landed at the world’s most highly regarded tech companies including Google, Apple, Microsoft, Salesforce, Uber, Tik Tok, Amazon, and Facebook. With the general population having only a 0.2% chance of getting hired at Google, Jeff prides himself on beating that number with his clients by several thousand percent.

Josh Doody

Salary Negotiation Coach

Josh is a highly sought after salary negotiations coach and the author of the #1 Best Seller on Amazon – Fearless Salary Negotiation. He has been widely featured in publications such as Forbes and Business Insider, and has been a guest speaker on podcasts such as Career Builder’s Podcast. Josh has coached senior executives to negotiate optimal, total compensation packages at the world’s most coveted tech companies including Amazon, Tesla, Apple, Google, and Facebook. On average, Josh’s clients improve their overall compensation by $29, 191.